10. New East Corporation Established as an import / export company.
08. Precision processing plant was built up.
12. Company was re-denominated as Next Technology Co. Ltd.
05. Acquisition of ISO 9000
01. Acquisition of Patent (lapping carrier manufacturing method)
04. Certification of R&D Center
05. First Export of Lapping Carrier (first in Korea)
05. Acquisition of INNOBIZ (Innovation Business)
06. Joined investment with Kyonggi Institute of Technology and Small and Medium Business Administration.
06. Acquisition of ISO 14001.
10. Mass Production of 300mm Lapping Carrier (first in Korea)
10. Acquisition of Patent (DLC coated DSP carrier)
02. Changed company name to NTSL (Next Technology Solution Limited)
10. Acquisition of Patent (Insert Material with Long Lifetime)
11. NTSL family group company was established.
  AQS, IKS and NTSL became each corporate company from team in NTSL.
06. Acquisition of Patent
  (Polymer Carrier with Long Lifetime by Improvement of Surface Roughness)